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How Codeassess helped China Select to add coding assessments to their service offering

China Select, a talent assessment company, works to provide clients with a choice of high quality psychometric and behavioral assessments. It has the professional expertise to utilize these services effectively and ultimately enabling better decision-making when seeking to hire or develop talent.

Since its establishment in 2006, business psychology has been at the heart of China Select, being the foundation behind the company’s research, methods, and ethical practice. The company highly values its membership in the International Test Commission, which is an association of a wide range of organizations and individuals who promote “the proper development, evaluation, and uses” of the educational and psychological tests.

Over the years, China Select has been able to develop lasting partnerships with various international test publishers as well as the domestic and global companies.

How China Select uses IT Coding Tests

China Select works with a large number of companies for its hiring, training and testing requirements. IBM China was its first client that requested coding tests through a white labeled solution with specific features to suit its needs.

China Select chose coding tests developed by ExpertRating’s Codeassess platform as an efficient way to test the coding skills in 20 different programming languages. Using Codeassess, China Select was able to use pre-set tests or design its own tests, by selecting the questions from a large pool of programming questions or customize its own questions in order to meet the specific needs.

These tests were suitable for individuals with basic IT programming knowledge as well as the individuals with advanced knowledge. The tests were taken at multiple locations within the same time period, lasting for 20-90 minutes each. The tests comprised coding tasks and the multiple choice questions.

Key Features
  • Fully white labeled solution
  • Assess skills in 20 coding languages
  • Software Engineering & Testing
  • Combination of coding questions and MCQs
  • Customizable test questions (Using Codeassess make your own question interface)
  • Strong online proctoring via webcam and behavior tracking
  • Reports collated online technical footprint and webcam shot of the test taker
  • Translation of tests, instruction pages, and reports into Mandarin

Results & Benefits

The ExpertRating and China Select teams worked out the final solution after a number of interactions and virtual meetings. The final focus was to offer a solution that met all the requirements of IBM China, which was the first client to use the system. Using Codeassess, China Select became the first company to offer online coding tests in Mandarin through a fully customized and white labeled solution. They subsequently rolled out the solution to many other clients in China.

Coding tests are now a regular and on-going service provided by China Select to its clients in China.

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