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Ernst & Young is amongst the biggest private employers in the world, with a conspicuous presence in over 150 countries. EY- a firm renowned for its extensive scale of services, sought an efficient method from ExpertRating to help cut down its onsite training hours for internal IT vertical new hires. This method was required to serve as a training system that would allow new candidates to learn from online courses from any geographic location. As a result, contingent on various candidate profiles, the entire system was hosted online with a special focus on all facets of learning and maximum usability.

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China Select, a talent assessment company, works to provide clients with a choice of high quality psychometric and behavioral assessments. It highly values its membership in the International Test Commission, which is an association of a wide range of organizations and individuals who promote “the proper development, evaluation, and uses” of the educational and psychological tests.

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Coders Guild, an educational testing service, specializes in providing industry-aligned, skilled-based assessments that identify the most talented entry-level programmers to match them with the best employers of programmers throughout the world.

Located in the Philippines, its aim is to grow the software industry in the Philippines by increasing the number of programmers amongst the population.

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