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1. What are Codeassess programming tests?

Codeassess tests are assessment solutions for hiring professional programmers. They can be taken online using most of the common browsers. The tests have a timed, hands on coding format and can be taken from any computer with an internet connection. An assessment report is generated for each attempt, which help decide the right choice for the post.

2. How is Codeassess different from the conventional / other recruitment solutions available in the market?

Codeassess is one of the oldest programmer assessment solutions . It offers over 200 questions for the recruiter to choose from, all of which have been developed and tested for this specific purpose . Coding progress of every candidate is recorded and can be reviewed later. Secure Exam browser (SEB) feature can be used to prevent the candidate from using any unfair means . Test proctoring feature gives the recruiter a fool proof method for testing candidates. The Assessment report generated provides an insight into logic, speed and accuracy of the candidate. It also tracks the online technical footprint of candidate and makes sure that you hire the prefect candidate for the job.

3. How do I assign Codeassess test to candidates?

Assigning Codeassess tests is quick and simple. Just follow these steps:
1. Assign & email the test tickets to the candidates.
2. After reading the syllabus, instructions etc., your candidates click on the 'Take a test' button and fill the registration
3. The result will be available immediately as soon as the candidate completes the test and you will be able to view the candidate scores online.

4. What do candidates do if they get disconnected from the Internet while appearing for a test?

The procedure for re-starting from where you left off is very simple. The candidate can use the test start link and resume the test to continue from where it was left off.

5. What is the syllabus of each test?

You can view the topics covered in the test by clicking on the test name from the list of tests.

6. What rules must be followed while appearing for a test?

The tests are all closed book tests. No study material/unfair means should be used while taking a test.

7. Can I see the answers to the questions submitted by the candidates after completion of tests?

The answers to the questions are displayed in the reports.

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